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Interest only payments

Pay interest only mortgage payments for the life of your loan. Become a member today and lock in interest only payments for 30 years!

Mortgage + Life Insurance

A MorLife mortgage is a mortgage secured by the property being purchased and a life insurance policy.

Family Security

Pay interest only payments for the life of the loan and the principal is paid when you sell the property or with a life insurance policy when you pass away; leaving your loved ones with a home paid for free and clear of the MorLife mortgage.


What is a MorLife mortgage?

A MorLife mortgage is a new mortgage product that combines a mortgage with a life insurance policy. A MorLife mortgage provides interest only mortgage payments for the life of the loan and a life insurance policy that guarantees the original loan amount when the borrower passes away.

Does the MorLife mortgage payment change over time?

No, borrowers can choose to lock in their MorLife interest mortgage payment and their MorLife life insurance policy payment for the life of the loan.

Can I pay off my Morlife mortgage at anytime?

Yes, Borrower's can pay off their MorLife mortgage at anytime. The accompanying MorLife life insurance policy will pay off the MorLife mortgage if the borrower passes away during the term of the loan.

What if I sell the home?

The Morlife mortgage is paid at closing and the borrower receives the remaining proceeds similar to a standard real-estate transaction. The life insurance policy part of your MorLife mortgage can be canceled at closing or you can retain it and your loved ones can retain the full value of the life insurance policy.

Life insurance pays off the mortgage?

Yes, the life insurance policy that accompanies your MorLife mortgage pays off your MorLife mortgage if you pass away during the loan term. The life insurance guarantees your mortgage in addition to the home itself allowing lenders to offer interest only mortgage payments for the life of the loan.

Who qualifies for a MorLife mortgage?

Each provider has their own guidelines. Each buyer is unique with different credit scores, debt to income ratios, health conditions and so on. We work hard to customize a MorLife mortgage that is just right for you. Because MorLife mortgages are guaranteed by both the home and a life insurance policy we are able to offer mortgages to buyers who may not qualify for a FHA or a conventional mortgage.

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